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Boasting a large number of cleaning results in Chiba, we have received a lot of trust from our customers in various experiences Relax Space Ion Wash Yachimata is performing ad hoc construction according to the purpose. We have prepared various methods such as Oxy-Up which can sustain deodorant and antibacterial effect for a long time, including ion wash that can be constructed with ease for people and environment because it uses strong alkaline ionized water. .
We will propose an optimal construction after thoroughly examining your living environment such as your home and facilities, so please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a cleaning company in Chiba.


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Are the effects clearly understood after the construction?
Yes, I think you can feel it with your eyes. Furthermore, I think that I can live without concern because it is odorless. Oxy-up will continue its deodorant and antibacterial action at night, so you can realize the deodorizing effect fr...
Is the "effect of construction" a judgment only of the bodily sensation before and after construc...
There are also antifouling effects that can be confirmed with the eye, but it is true that the smell is difficult to understand. For that purpose, we prepare a lot of documents etc (test data, construction results data). In addition, we ...
Is work only during the day?
We are also working at night. It doesn't matter on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. We will work with you to work in a way that suits your needs.
Is there any odor in the detergent?
It depends on the type of detergent, but there is a slight amount of odor. It is not odorless, so if you have any concerns during work, please contact the staff in charge.
Are there any effects if you have allergies such as atopy or asthma?
Although it is unlikely that our symptoms will get worse or develop due to our cleaning work, there are rare cases in which allergies due to detergent etc. occur. If you have any symptoms or concerns, please contact the staff in advance.

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Yachimata, Chiba Prefecture Yachimata 446-9

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Relax Space Ion Wash Yamachi, which cleans and installs a house in Chiba, uses its reliable technology to bring your home into a clean and comfortable space. We will support your comfortable life by providing a special cleaning service and safe and secure house cleaning in Chiba. In the access page, we will show you how to access in detail.

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Chiba's cleaning company offers highly antibacterial construction

Relax Space Ion Wash Hachimachi, which operates a washing company in Chiba, has a large number of construction results and has received a great deal of trust from many customers. We accept requests from companies such as hotels and commercial facilities that are difficult to clean at home, such as sofas and mattresses, and respond flexibly to the construction target. One of the methods used by such a cleaning company in Chiba, Air Wash is a construction that uses high concentration ozone to improve odor and bacteria. As ozone being used does not have persistence, it can be used safely in families where small children and the elderly come, and it is also one of the features that it can be completed in a short time. In addition, we have a specialist engineer who has high technology and a wide range of knowledge in charge, so we will respond carefully if there are any concerns.
In addition, since Relax Space Ion Wash Yachimata of Chiba offers cleaning that is kind to people and environment, such as Oxy Up and Ion Wash, please contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions.

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As the high quality cleaning in Chiba Prefecture will be adapted to a wide range of requests for public facilities such as educational and medical institutions as well as for general households, it will be possible to use in various situations. . In order to be able to entrust you with peace of mind, we are committed to construction that is kind to people and environment, and construction is done without using chemicals containing surfactants or harmful chemicals, so people with weak skin or small children may come Ideal for your home. Ion washing is a part of a flexible construction that utilizes high technology and a wide range of knowledge, delivered by a cleaning company in Chiba Prefecture that carries out appropriate construction according to various structures. Ion Wash uses strong alkaline ionized water and supports deodorizing and disinfecting effects of cloth products such as car seats and sofas, as well as the removal of mite and pollen. Since a specialist engineer will make a business trip to your home or facility, you will be able to request something that is difficult to carry.
In addition, high-tech specialists will perform construction widely, so please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble with cleaning in Chiba.